How to start a small IT business?

By Timwateru ·
Hello team,

I want to ask all those who are experienced in how to start a small IT business.

What exactly is needed to start a small IT business and how to maintain it or carry it out efficiently. Where I'm from - not many IT business on the island and there are some IT consultant who does IT for people like, building websites, repair laptops, pc, etc.

I have a background in IT and I thought I want to expand it my developing a small business targeting repairs, service and maintenance of pc and laptops, building websites.

Can somebody help me out here. Is there any relevant resources, or important sources that I could use or relate to?

Many thanks team,


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Two separate and distinct skills

by robo_dev In reply to How to start a small IT b ...

Doing IT work versus running a business. Some people are great at one, and terrible at the other...and vice-versa. Typically he best place to start is by working for somebody else's business. The other skill sets are how good are your people skills, your sales and marketing skills, and your ability to judge whether such a business even makes sense.

To begin with you say 'on the island' my question is if another guy is running an IT shop, is the island big enough for the both of you? Is there enough business, really>?

You learn what they do right, what they do wrong, what it really takes to run a business, and also if you have the skills, courage, and mindset to go out on your own.

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An IT Business is like any other Business

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to start a small IT b ...

Start with a Business Plan and then work out if you have the ability to run a business to begin with. It's not for everyone and it's not easy.

Then you have to work out what your idea of Success is different people have vastly different views of this and work accordingly to achieve their ends.

Since you mentioned repairing Hardware look and see if there are any Hardware Wholesalers present in your location and can you open an account with them. Look at what you think a reasonable Profit Margin actually is and if it's piratical to actually do. After all if you can buy several new computers for the cost of your Labour to repair a Corrupt Windows Install on a Domestic Computer not many will accept the need to repair when they can have a new one for less.

Then there is always


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Reponse To Answer

by Timwateru In reply to An IT Business is like an ...

Many thanks.

I believe that it is not a easy task and so it takes courage and perseverance into it.

I am planning to but I need to have a good mind set on how to begin and what are the relevant resources needed appropriately to my island-standard.

God bless team.


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