How to start Hamachi without logging into any user accounts

By Mikael21 ·

I'm considering an alternative VPN solution: Log Me In Hamachi.

I want to map network drives over the internet but it's becoming a hassle with hardware based VPN routers and having clients dial-in using Windows PPTP VPN support.

I know you can browse files using Hamachi and therefore map folder shares as drives on the client host. The server host at the head office I want to access through a VPN contains the folder shares to map. I know Hamachi requires that a user log in to have it startup, so it can dial the network name.

I don't want to have someone logged into the server all the time, but I want Hamachi to be running all the time with the computer simply powered on. It is set to never sleep or put hard disks to sleep, and it never powers off, but I want Hamachi running in the background, even with NO users logged in.

Does this post, if I'm reading correctly detail how to have Hamachi running as a Windows service (and does that mean it runs as long as the computer is turned on, without any users ever logging on?)

Windows Clients / Servers: (

* Download Windows 2003 resource kit tools (or search google for it)
* install the resource kit to get instsrv.exe and srvany.exe on "c:\program files\Windows Resource Kits\" and copy those 2 files to hamachi directory.
* go to hamachi installed dir, run "instsrv.exe AutoHamachi "c:\program files\hamachi\srvany.exe" " to create the system service record. "AutoHamachi" is just service name and can name it yourself.
* open regedit, locate "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\AutoHamachi\", create a key named "Parameters"
* inside "Parameters" key, new a string value with name "Application" and value "c:\\program files\\hamachi\\hamachi.exe -srvany -config "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Hamachi" ", config path is your user account path if you are not running as administrator account.
* go to control panel under services pannel , locate AutoHamachi service, see the properties, on "Log On" tab remember to check "Local System Account" and "Allow service to interact with desktop" , then just start the service and everything is done. (remember to make the startup type to Automatic).

Thank you.

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Run Hamachi as a Service - Simplified

by dpiehl In reply to How to start Hamachi with ...

I used that technique to run Hamachi as service and it works but a MUCH simpler solution can be found here:
Follow the instructions and literally within minutes you have it up and running. Remember to initialize Hamachi the first time, acquiring an ip before you install ServiceEx.

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Run Hamachi as a Service

by xantes In reply to Run Hamachi as a Service ...

There is a easier and a simpler small application - that I'm currently running it in Win 7 - called "RunAsSvc"( and as a proof that works is that I's using it to run "Vibe Streamer" that otherwise wouldn't have been possible to run it as a service, but since I'm using in conjunction with "RunAsSvc" runs as a service flawlessly.

Now, my question is: would it be possible to use "RunAsSvc" so that LogMeIn Hamachi can be ran as a service?! If yes can you give me some guiding lines in this regard?

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TeamViewer has a 'Run as Service' option.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Run Hamachi as a Service

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