How to start in SAP

By gupta.divay ·
Hi,I am working as a linux system admin in a web hosting company with a experience of more than 1.5 years.I ahve also worked on WAN.But now i want to shift to SAP.Could you please tell me which module should i go for and from which institute.I prefer delhi.I have heard of siemens a lot.Could you please send me the details of their program as well.

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by Dr Dij In reply to How to start in SAP
also click on link to see ALL the it toolbox groups as there are quite a few others. read some of the posts of the non-career ones to see what everyday problems / questions people have.

there are repeated discussions of training for SAP under this SAP career discussion group.

The consensus seems to be that basic training is $3800 to $5000, that there are alot of bad training places, SAP india and Siemens rank near the top;

you can also train online. computer society has lots of courses on SAP. You can browse the training catalog course titles before joining, $109/year. has some courses, $500 plus for $149 you can login to actual SAP system to try what you learned. has 90 or so books with SAP in title you can read online, and several hundred with references to SAP products. This is a subscription site.

there's an ABAP simulator you can buy from an Australian company. You should visit sites with sap articles such as sapinsider, etc. and also attend free webinars on SAP products.

Being a a large product, there are quite a few positions you could be in. using the product, training users, configuring, reporting / BI, web portions, interfacing, programming java or abap, xml. has some courses but they are kind of 'thrown together' and don't ask questions while you are taking them so you are better off reading a book.

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How to start in SAP

by sk_mails In reply to How to start in SAP

Rite now there is very good scope in SAP.

Only thing you have to choose the rite module.

Since you are hvg sys admin exp. you can do SAP BASIS. You can do the course from SAP authorised center(SIEMENS). But it will cost you more (2.5Lachs app.)


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by gupta.divay In reply to How to start in SAP

Thanks for your help.Could you please let me know the scope of SAP basis.I heard that jobs are very less for this module.Is it worth to spend 2.5lacs for a course from siemens.Any other institute in delhi.

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Suggested Modules

by sapics In reply to Thanks

Actually I have a question related to this thread.
What SAP modules are suggested for a Control / Automation engineer having lot of experince in PLC programming, Plant machine controls etc.

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SAP APO training in Singapore

by partha_maity In reply to How to start in SAP

I am conducting SAP SCM new dimentional APO training. You can learn DP,SNP and PPDS module. There are system demo and system practice. Batch starting soon. Please call for more details at +65-83676236

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Zombie Alert

by PurpleSkys In reply to SAP APO training in Singa ...

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