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How to start in the IT industry

By z_nziramasanga ·
Im a young man aged 20 currently completing a degree in Computer Science and Multimedia. What would you say is the best way to start off in the IT industry and how would i go about getting a good job as soon as i finish my degree?

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Location, location, location...

by dawgit In reply to How to start in the IT in ...

Adn, start now, look around. Is there some non-profit in the area that needs IT help? Experiance! You get it by doing! Something, somewhere, Somehow. Then when you enter the job market, you can say; "I have this degree, and I've DONE that". Makes a difference, IMHO. -d

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Local resources

by jdmercha In reply to Location, location, locat ...

Check with your schools placement office.

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by ed7919 In reply to Local resources

I graduated in 1998 with an Archaeology degree. For the last 6 years ive worked for BT as Network Pre-Sales Engineer. So anything is possible but you just have to find a way in.

Try contracting with an IT agency. Take low paid assignments that include training, especially if the client is a big well known company - it looks great to have on your CV.

When you have 12 months experience via contracting then use your degree to apply to blue chip companies graduate recruitment schemes. You'll stand a much better chance and have more to talk about at interview than the other grads if you have 12 months practical IT work experience gained through the agency route.

It worked for me!

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Location Location

by takalm In reply to How to start in the IT in ...

Hi there,it depends where you are my friend , Here down under(Aus)if you have a degree + mcp,cisco etc ,you stand a better chance of joining the job market quicker if not easier.Programming wise if you know .net,java,etc you will be fine.
I also agree with the previous comments ,start low with voluntary work,work experience ,social networking this gives you a chance to have something on your resume other than just a degree.Keep the fire burning homeboy

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What about an internship?

by kj7gs In reply to How to start in the IT in ...

I read an article a while back about gaining experience through an internship, then using that as a springboard for your resume.

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Move to India

by bharris0 In reply to How to start in the IT in ...

I work for a large outsourcer and they are moving as many jobs as they can to India. That's where the jobs will be for a long time to come.

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by In reply to How to start in the IT in ...

Best place is one where they are more likely to hire you after you graduate. JPL has their Academic Part Time program where people can work part time during the school year and full time during the summer (if they work out well).

The key to getting the most out of an internship is to meet as many people as possible and ask questions: How did you start in this industry? What's your favorite part of the job? (distance yourself from the ones who seriously say "going home") How do you do this, that, this other thing?

Talk to the secretaries (pardon me, administrative assistants) and even the janitorial staff (they're the ones that can know what's going down before the boss - maybe a building is getting emptied, you never know.).

Have lunch with different people, not just the nubies.

And number one: do the job you were hired to do and make your boss glad you got hired on their watch. Number two: be on time and fill out your timecard correctly EVERY time. (I was in the dog house for over 4 years for blowing Ms Yamada's 3 month record of perfect timecards.0

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You got it

by educated_1_2 In reply to Internship!

Internship is the best way to go right after college. Check out some of the fortune 500 companies. Almost all of them have IT departments and almost all have interships. But, you have to act quick. Most will only take on interships in their last year or so of school. Get ready to send out the resumes and work on your networking skills.

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Better Late Than Never

by morphobyte In reply to How to start in the IT in ...

I graduated in 2003 with an IT degree and was unable to get a job in the IT field, everyone wanted years and years of experience. I had actually given up after a few years. I took a course @ ; courses are online and convenient; a lot of interaction. Now I work with them on a part-time basis; the best part of that is that they continue to teach me. Even if I was not working for them I would still be able to call and get help.

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