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How to start Network Disaster Recovery P

By hirasingh ·
I'm new to this topic and would appreciate some help on it, in the following areas.
1. How do I start, plan, pitfalls to avoid.
2. Risks that need to be undertaken.
3. Implementation plan
4. Contigency plan.


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by gmscne In reply to How to start Network Disa ...

Start by saying what the company needs to do business. If any given building were to burn down, what is the minimum for software, server power, connectivity and data they would need to continue.

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Skip the details

by asbjorn.alveberg In reply to

When you want to work out a disaster recovery plan it is clever having in mind that "Any plan covering the process from start to end on a shallow level is much better than a detailed plan not complete".

Do as suggested, determine what system is crucial for the business. Add some key notes about how to rebuild that system, focusing on the divergences from any standard procedure. Also make some notes on who and how they should be updated about the recovery process. Put the notes, the minimum needed software and a fresh backup copy (which you rotate every 14 days or so) into a briefcase and store it safely somewhere OFF THE PREMISSES (if the building explodes it is no use knowing you had an "emergency briefcase"). Either store some hardware to run the SW and a backup device to run the restore, or make a deal of availability through your HW dealer.

This should get you going.

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More Initial Considerations

by ocsi In reply to How to start Network Disa ...

Often overlooked, be aware of the different disasters which can occur. These may include extended loss of power, flood, fire, or total destruction of the facility. Depending upon the type of disaster recovery can take different turns.

Also, testing your plans is critical. This should not be done by the author of the plan but by another following only instructions within the plan.

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a start

by me01 In reply to How to start Network Disa ...

how much money?
this can be a network (layers 1 - 3 possible 4) design question not a disaster recovery.

is this large with many wans?
wans are more expensive to make redudant. depending on size and number there are options for partail service.

just a lan?
if this is just a lan then your cores should have hardware contract for 2-4hr 24x7 onsite part replacement. this is if you can be down for two to four hrs. if not then just buy extra parts, that you my never need.


standard spoke with 20 wans (p-p t1) now you loose the chasy of the core router. i feel your pain but the support contract should have you up in 2 hrs with a replacement. the reason you can not buy that many standby parts.

you have 40 nt 15 unix a main frame and a central pbx. a full 24 story building with 20 + wans. your building is blownup by terrorists. now that is a disaster maybe. depends on design. note you can not bring this back fast unless you paid alot of money and an awsume design. where is your off-site? do you have contracts with companies for all the hardware. so you have to have the branches work without the spoke via paper or distrbuted systems of some sort. note some of the things that happen in the branches may have legal requirements for external validation etc. so be carefull in the planning.

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Not trivial

by tpalmer In reply to How to start Network Disa ...

Asking here is agood start. You will NEED to consult with other sources (web,books,etc..) to pull this off!
I made a very good wage at just providing "laundry lists" for disaster recovery solutions. Implementing one is a lot more time and money.
The best advise is like your "other responses" state; keep your BUSINESS goals in mind FIRST. If you can be down for a day or a week, plan accordingly. If all you really need is e-mail to survive then outsource to an ISP and call it a day.
The RECOVERY is dictated by the DISASTER. If the building burns it's bad, if the lights won't come on because of rolling black-outs it's much worse!

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Horror or Success Stories?

by dace In reply to Not trivial

I am on the disaster recovery committee for my firm and am looking for any horror or success stories with companies that had and did not have a plan in place. We, like most of you, have to try and "sell" the concept of being prepared to a group of administrators who would rather take a risk than be prepared eliminating a MAJOR portion of that risk. Thanks!!!!

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