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How to start on IT "professional" world?

By tedi.roca ·
Hi all,

After some time thinking about IT careers and my own
experience I was wondering about effecive steps to became a
real IT professional.

I just became Telecomunications engineer and now I'm enrolled
on a Master degree on IT management. I'm working as Product
Support Manager for one of the most important technology
manufacturers as an outsourced worker. The fact of this is that
sometimes outsourcing doesn't means professional and effective
services (mostly means cheaper services).

Most of companies here would like to employ a cheaper
unexperienced person instead of getting professional services
and/or outsource services to a non-effective consultant

I'm a young person and I know there is too much to do in order
to get results, but I'm finding really hard to get a position on a
serious corporation where to rise in the future. This is also the
impression most of our colleages are getting. I think I am having
some success because I use to work with macintosh and this is
not a common technology in Spain...

I'd like to have your inputs for this question "How to start on IT
"professional" world? " Studies? Experience? Technologies? What
would you recommend me to do in order to ensure success into
professional IT world?

Thank you and regards,
Tedi Roca

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by BFilmFan In reply to How to start on IT "profe ...

Come to America. There are plenty of jobs for Spanish-speaking enginners dealing with issues in Central and SOuth America.

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by tedi.roca In reply to How to start on IT "profe ...

I was thinking about going to America some time ago. Things
are starting to move to a wrong way in Spain. Most of companies
use to subcontract outsourcing services to cheap inexpert
companies and good opportunities are only for those who
started career long time ago.

At this time I'm finishing a master degree on IT management but
I'd like to plan next steps. BFilmFan (or any other) could you
please be so kind to let me know more about job opportunities
for spanish-speakers in America? (companies, projects,


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any input?

by tedi.roca In reply to How to start on IT "profe ...

I don't wanna bother with this topic... but could anybody give some
clue about that?


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you should know

by korgmeister In reply to How to start on IT "profe ...

you should know what you are doing, interested, hobby.. etc etc ... and then do more research what do you want to do. for e.g attending seminar, certification, community projects (non-profit/profit) and there is a lot of things can be implement if you know what you want. :)

however, sometimes getting a master or phd isnt important. you just have to know as much as possible what you are doing. i hope this help.

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I know what I want but...

by tedi.roca In reply to you should know

I know what I want but most of companies are looking for
cheaper and inexpert workers. The most common job
opportunity announce starts with "Looking for inexpert
engineers...". When I attend to an interview things start to go
wrong when I mention that I've experience on IT management
and I'm enrolled on a master.

Organizations are looking for cheaper workers, also big
international companies. I know outsourcing is all around and
reducing costs is a common/intelligent behaviour, but there is
no place for those who want to work on professional business.

An example: I worked (outsourced) for the most important cable
provider in Spain. Some time ago they decided not to hire
engineers and seek for people with slight knowledge on
technology. We are talking about expert support group.... This is
a common situation here...

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by tedi.roca In reply to How to start on IT "profe ...
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Some input thoughts

by rigarcia In reply to How to start on IT "profe ...


I first started out with my career in the US Navy. There I was able to acquire the skills needed to land a successful job in the professional world. Now, I don't expect you to get up and join the military (just wanted to share that experience). I think you are on the right track as far as gaining the experience while backing it up with an education. Keep a good resume handy and always updated and I'm sure it will land you on the right doorstep.

Reuben Garcia

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