How to stop a .dll process so it can be deleted

By outrageous1 ·
I recently obtained what my system sees as a virus. It is jkkjkjk.dll. I have searched and tried everything possible to try and remove it, but to no avail. When I try to delete it, my system says that it is in use and access is denied. My question is ... How do I stop a running .dll process so that I can delete it and hopefully rid myself of this problem?

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Depends which OS you're using..

by Nodisalsi In reply to How to stop a .dll proces ...

My suggestion:
If you cannot find the offending item in Start Menu->Programs-<Start Up
Then run a program called regedit and look at keys:
HKLM->SOFTWARE->Microsoft->Windows-> Run and RunOnce and look for anything suspicious.
Do the same for HKLU.

Just delete the suspicious items and restart.

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by Dr Dij In reply to Depends which OS you're u ...

start in safe mode and rename or delete DLL

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by IC-IT In reply to How to stop a .dll proces ...

Does a nice job and is pretty straight forward. It can be found here;

If you are running XP Pro you may also want to try tasklist and to terminate a process taskkill - both are built-in cmd execuatables.

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Discover the DLL's parent.

by pbuchsbaum In reply to How to stop a .dll proces ...

The best thing to do is discover the process that is locking the suspect DLL.
Use "Process Explorer" (PE) for that.
( )
Inside PE there is a magnifying glass icon that search for DLLs.
Research about process (Google) associated and if it's ok kill the process inside PE.
Then you can delete the desired DLL.

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