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Hi Guys,
I need some advise. I am being stalked by a cyber stalker('s), who I now has hacked into my basic comcast cable television. I have already filed police reports and contacted the FBI, but this is a problem that has gone on unresolved for sometime. I don't even feel secure in my home anymore. I need to figure out if there's a way to stop this with some kind of equiptment or something? Is there a firewall for cable tv? And could hacers also hack into your regular Electric service, because my CD player also acts up. I am thinging this may be a wireless attack. Maybe someone in the now can tell me and provide me with advise, I need it desperately.
I knew something was up when I said things in my house and next thing, theyre repeated to me online!
I've called my cable company and they said it was impossible to do. I know it's not, and this person who did it loves to toy with me, by turning the signal on and off at key points of the television broadcasts.
I also found an extended phone wire manually wrapped around my cable , as an extended pickup.
I don't want this person to get away with anymore of this , they have terrorized me and my family!
Please tell me what I should do? Thanks

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Don't quite understand

by mjd420nova In reply to HOW TO STOP A HACKER FROM ...

You have basic cable? Do you have a set top box?? It would be possible to hack the set top box, but if you just have the extended basic like me with no set top box, then there's no way to interupt the signal unless they have hacked the cable company. I would remove any extra wires wrapped around the cable, that could cause interference but not block the signal. Where does that wire go? You could apply 12 volts from a car battery to the wires around the cable, that would burn out any equipment it might be connected to, then all you have to do is look for the smoke or watch for anyone who comes looking for what happened to their pickup.

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Firstly NO ONE CAN Hack your Cable TV

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to HOW TO STOP A HACKER FROM ...

What they can do is to hook onto it and provide themselves with a free Cable TV feed. They Can Not affect the TV Feed that will be a physical problem with the cable.

So if the signal is dropping out it's the Cable Companies problem to fix up.

However what can be bugged are the phones even while not in use the receiver makes an excellent audio bug which no one thinks about and the more extensions that you have the more rooms that become bugged. Of course unless this is done with a Court Order this is highly illegal.

The computer is a different kettle of fish though as there are numerous ways to bug or hack one of those and the only true way to know that you are totally secure is not to use one.

Now in theory any wire that comes into your dwelling can carry out a signal or something as simple as a Gun Mic is able to listen in on conversations that you may be having but none of this stuff is cheap and it's mostly used by professional Inelegance Gatherer's. These are Massive Government Organisations not civilians with little to no money available.

In short something like this is unlikely to actually be happening unless you have taken absolutely no steps to secure your computer. So if you have no AV Product in place and no Spy Ware Products loaded, updated and regally used you can have major infections of both Virus and Spy Ware that could be sending every keystroke off site to someone else, but even this is mostly confined to bank fraud so that your bank accounts can be emptied at will.

If you are really concerned about an invasion of privacy I would suggest that you sell up and move into the wild country without any supplied Mains Power water or anything else like that and setup a shack that is sealed by some kind of metal around all the internal walls that connects together to form one complete Faraday Cage that is earthed to a good earth point that you continually pour water onto.

I would never suggest that you apply power to anything that you find wound around someone else's property as it could be legally there and if it's not legally there it's not your responsibility to do anything about as you don't own the cable and you will most likely be held responsible for any damage incurred.


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by jose_gandara.tf06 In reply to HOW TO STOP A HACKER FROM ...

well just disconnect from your cable compony

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I recognize everything you've said

by salenners In reply to HOW TO STOP A HACKER FROM ...

You are most likely being stalked and not hacked. It sounds like the person has attached something to your electrical wires. I'd first look at any home security system you may have installed. Make sure your system is programmed to dial the police and fire department etc. Investigate powerline networking. Ask your electrical service provider if they have the ability to transmit data across their electrical wires. Doing these things is no guarantee. If you'd like to know more, please email me directly.

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I can't believe this

by dannypur27 In reply to I recognize everything yo ...

I'm a service tech with from a cable tv provider.

1- no, is not possible to hack your cable
2- no data can be transmitted that way, at least not the way you're reffering.
3- your cable keeps going on and off? it can be cable box, bad primary line or plant issue.

cable tv is a closed network, there is no way for somebody to enter the system, first they need a very expensive equipment which is not available for regular people and nobody will spend millions on equipment just for hacking and beside he will be detected in a matter of minutes and second they need the key encryption which is not way to access it thru a network, in other words is impossible.

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HACKED!!!!!!!!!! It happened to me!!

by DarcyCulberg In reply to HOW TO STOP A HACKER FROM ...

I realize this is old but must reply.I have someone who knows me hacking into my cable but with a camera.It has to be done inside.The tv was taken apart,and where the cable is hooked up is a camera.You are viewed via internet.It is realy terrible to live this way.You can tell if you are watching tv and it freezes.The post also states the power is messed with,yes that too is possible and happened to me.You have to video tape it!I would do ANYTHING to stop it and hope someone sees and replys.PLEASE!!!ANYTHING!!Rent the dvd Enough and see what that person does,its all possible.Thats the way I have to live and people dont believe me.I found a comcast gye that did and I went to a spy store that did.I have my cell phones hacked,dont instant message on your phone!!!please someone

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OK, not sure about your asessment, but

by seanferd In reply to HACKED!!!!!!!!!! It happe ...

if someone is, in fact, bugging/stalking/spying on you, you need to call the police. You can point them right to the evidence.

If you are that worried, unhook the cable and unplug any power cords. Try putting some tape or something on the camera lens.

You can talk to your cell phone provider as well, or switch providers. When you call the police, maybe use a different phone so the comcast guy can't hear you.

Take care.

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Unbelievable !! You've posted with your EMAIL address ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to HACKED!!!!!!!!!! It happe ...

So you can continue to complain about being hacked when you start receiving all the unsolicited SPAM heading your way!!

I expect things were slacking off a bit, huh?

Thanks for the laugh. I enjoyed it.

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You noticed that, too?

by seanferd In reply to Unbelievable !! You've po ...

Not sure the career choice is a good fit. Perhaps that is the reason for a college address?

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Probably some old building that's been converted into ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to You noticed that, too?

A facility where they don't allow sharp objects.

Just not got around to changing the IP address yet. That - or so's they don't scare people away!! :^0

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