How to stop drive clone pro from running

By gkg44 ·
Hi I set up a backup system using a dlink enclosure and 2 1.5 t hard drives to mirror a back up on my home network. I accidently downloaded drive clone pro from the dlink cd when I set it up. Now this program runs even before windows boots on my pc and I think it is hanging me up because once windows boots and the desktop is completed, the computer locks up. There isn't enough time before this happens to get in and uninstall this program. The problem started when I disabled pc cillin to install Norton security suite so I could set backups to this new network drive. Now my computer is non functional when the boot is complete. Safe mode will not work. It prints a list of system 32 files to fill the screen in dos letters and then it stops running.Any suggestions I would appreciate.

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Safe mode will not work.?.. Yours seems to be working as it should..

You are not giving it enough time to finish.
Your words "Safe mode will not work. It prints a list of system 32 files to fill the screen in dos letters and then it stops running", this is what it does, then you might think it stops but it is not it is still doing it business so you just have to wait a few minutes for it to finish then you will faced with your Safe Mode screen.
So, now start (Safe Mode) again and try it out.

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Peconet, thank you.

by gkg44 In reply to Safe mode will not work.? ...

I will try again. Is it likely I can go in and uninstall the drive clone pro program in safe mode? I don't know how it got triggered to run when my computer turns on. It came from the dlink installation dvd that I used to install the hard drive enclosure for the network back up system. Thanks again

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Peconet, you were right,

by gkg44 In reply to How to stop drive clone p ...

I let it set for an extended period and it eventually booted to safe mode. Thankfully I was able to uninstall the drive clone program and the problem went away. This drive clone program is bad news. We should warn people not to install it. The company is Farstone.
Thank you again.

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No problem, it is good that it helped you.....NT

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Peconet, you were right,
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