HOW to stop password cracking and dos attacks

By soundfresh ·
my password is compromised every time I boot
my mac G4,I believe someone is using a password cracker and performing a denial of service attack afterwards I'm running
osx 10.5.8 leopard can you be of any
assistance ??

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What makes you think that your Password is Compromised to start with?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to HOW to stop password crac ...

Probably more importantly what makes you think you are the victim of a DOS Attack?

Where is the computer kept and is it on all of the time?

If you change your Password and then restart the system does it still behave the same way?


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compromised password

by soundfresh In reply to What makes you think that ...

If my password is not compromised can you explain
immediate internet access once my password is changed.
I didn't say it was changed just compromised to perform
a denial of service attack.

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How are you achieving login?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to HOW to stop password crac ...

If your password is 'compromised'?

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LOG IN achieved

by soundfresh In reply to How are you achieving log ...

I'm achieving log in however when and only when I reboot
can I go on line and if that doesn't allow me on line I have
to change the password.

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Change what password?

by seanferd In reply to LOG IN achieved

Which password for what are you talking about?

And just because you are having some trouble getting online, this isn't necessarily a DOS attack.

Pleas provide some information about this, rather than your (interesting, if correct) conclusions. We can't tell you how to stop it unless we know what "it" is, anyway.

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dos attack

by eltonpiko In reply to Change what password?

in dont think its possible doing a dos attack or what ever you call it on mac-osx!mayb your getting some kind of bug error try repairing the os or install most recent update for os and security update also.and may i ask when did all this happen when you notice your password was being compromised and stuff was it after an update ,installation of something or what so ever give more detail.

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