How to stop them? HELP ME PLEASE...

By roomi_248 ·
Hi! I am managing a network of 200 workstations running on windows 2003 servers in lab. I have a problem, I have provided some material to study in form of word and PDF documents these files are residing on one of the member server. Now what happen is users copy these files in their own logins and it causes two problems;
1-low bandwidth on network due to heavy copy traffic (there are more than 800 users that work at different hours)
2-it almost eat an ample amount of storage.
I want to prevent these users from being able to copy these certain files from server and paste them in their logins. But i also want to allow them to create new files in their logins?

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by Xwindowsjunkie In reply to How to stop them? HELP ME ...

Do these three things. And you have to do all of them.

1) Restrict users logon directory to the server.

2) Set disk quotas to a low value for all your logons. A couple of Megabytes will do it.

3) Remove user write permissions from the workstation's drive, i.e. don't let them record on their local workstation.

The following are optional:
4) As an added control, use "single instance file control" its a feature of win2k3 server allowing you to use links or shortcuts for multiple instances of the same file.

5) If you make shortcuts to all the files and drop it into the "All Users" profile, all of your users will think they have their own copy.

6) Take away their printing privileges, look for it in Group Policy.

You must be running a call-in tech support shop or a college computer lab.

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