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how to store image in access using Vb

By sureshg_303 ·
How can i store an image in MSAccess using VB as a front end tool?

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by Jaqui In reply to how to store image in acc ...

same way you would store any other blob.

though why you want to bloat the database and slow it down by actually putting the image into it instead of the much smaller location is beyond me.

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by -=_AnDy_=- In reply to how to store image in acc ...

use the OLE Object field type.
Store as chunks and retrieve as chunks.

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by simplyshaman In reply to how to store image in acc ...

by combining visual basic with SQLserver.. have visual basic call a module that uses SQL to access the database... i'll not pretend to be an expert on programming or anything... but i'm sure if you do a google (or search engine query of your choice) for visual basic and SQL you should find the necessary resources to figure out your problem... one thing i have learned from the programning classes i've taken thus far is if you reasearch the problem you come across.. you can at least find insight on the web for the solution..

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by pweegar In reply to how to store image in acc ...

It may be easier to store your images OUTSIDE the db and add a reference field that contains the @ symbol and the path to the object.

If you have a large number of images, your Access db will grow fairly fast. Remember that when you do a query in Access, Access has a tendency to return the entire table to your desktop pc. Having a large number of images will be a network performance issue, eventually.

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by bckurd In reply to how to store image in acc ...

It is easy! You have to have a memo field for the pictures in your access db. And then you should open image file and read it as a binary stream and then assign the binary data to your field name. When you complete reading, simply transfer data to your db via TSQL or ADO.

It is not so different than reading a text file as stream.

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