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How to store & manage software licenses?

By jfreeman56 ·
Having taken over a somewhat disorganized IT department with little or no documentation, I am interested in hearing how others find, accumulate and document software license compliance.

Do you have written policies that set out the procedures? Ihave TechRepublic's "IT Professional's Guide to Polices and Procedures" but don't find anything relating to this.

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How to store & manage software licenses?

by MrsPost In reply to How to store & manage sof ...

This is a very unhappy task. I know, I'm in the process of doing the same thing.

I am using a piece of our asset management software to track our licenses. Here is how the procedure will go, once it's complete. This process is based on centralized purchasing and tracking.

1. Track down and organize all existing licenses. I'm relying more on purchase records than physical licenses at this point.

2. Document each type of license and ownership. I'm going down to the department level but you may not need to go that far.

3. Track:
License Type
Purchase Date

4. All new purchases will be tracked in the database with tracked information. Our vendor provides reporting and I'll be working with our purchasing people to confirm departments.

Let me know if you need more specifics.

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How to store & manage software licenses?

by Shanghai Sam In reply to How to store & manage sof ...

Yes we're headed down a pretty similar path except a major portion of software was purchased with a credit card - so instead of an invoice that says: 3 copies of McAfee AntiVirus (or whatever) it says: $100 ABC Store.

And I'm getting mixed signals as to whether the fact that you can prove you purchased it (receipt, invoice, whatever) counts or if you HAVE to have the paper license. I am told even the product keys are not valid.

Then we are going to store the original license in IS with copy of invoice, 2nd copy with IS Director, and 3rd copy in the Corporate IS file (legal stuff).

We will also maintain a machine readable file (like your asset manager software) with all the pertinent details - which is routinely backed up off site.

I will also be creating formal procedures to handle the documetnation, physical filing of media and manuals.

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How to store & manage software licenses?

by jfreeman56 In reply to How to store & manage sof ...

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