how to stream media to tvs?

By Petersnoboard93 ·
Hey, Im looking for a way to get my media on my computer to my tvs through out my house. I know the apple tv does this but i think im looking for something that streams the media rather than has a harddrive and saves it.
Also the media i want to stream isnt always downloaded onto my computer, Most of it is movies or tv shows i stream off the internet onto my computer through my internet brower. So i figure the only way do do this is have a program where it can open websites where the videos are and veiw the videos through there, then stream that to my tv.

Please let me know!

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Re. How to stream media to tvs?

I thought you Americans had everything??.
I have put a link here for you. Hope all goes well.

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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by Petersnoboard93 In reply to Re. How to stream media t ...

but this only allows me to stream media files that are saved on my pc, its a start though

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you don't happen to have an old xbox around, do you?

by ksmith In reply to how to stream media to tv ...

It is pretty easy to modify the original xbox to not only include a larger harddrive on it, but to also connect it to your network, install xbox media center(open source software) and either stream video right off the internet, or right from your computer. A great site for information is:

PS They mostly talk about 360 anymore, but they still have all the information you need for the older system. (Side note, it will still work as a gaming system)

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by Petersnoboard93 In reply to you don't happen to have ...

Sounds like a cool idea, i have a 360 but dont really want to mod it, mabey ill get a old xbox to use.

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you can prob find them relatively cheap

by ksmith In reply to cool

Check ebay, you find old xbox's for a fairly good price. Most of the broken xbox's usually only have a broken dvd drive, which can usually be fixed relatively easily.

It is possible to modify an xbox without a modchip, but certain aspects of the mod are slightly more complicated. Although they might have new methods out.

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by Petersnoboard93 In reply to how to stream media to tv ...

If i just want to stream stuff off the net and off my pc with it, do i really need a biger harddrive. And to stream what Dashboard do you think i should use?'

I just googled and found a link to this page
Looks like installing media center is my best bet. Not sure how to go about it though, you know of any tutorials?

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