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    How to switch back local account switched to Microsoft (App Install)


    by pascal.brenner ·


    I was installing an application via the Store, and one of the last question was about switching my local account to a Microsoft account, but I was too quick to click and got my perfectly working local account with which I was happy to a Microsoft account.

    I did have for my Local account some applications with large associated database (XBMC – Media Center for example) so now for those applications to function I am forced to use the Microsoft Account which I do not want as this is a family computer which has nothing to do with my Microsoft Account.

    I know how to change the default account back to a local, but for some weird odd reason, Microsoft has decided not to offer en existing account, and this process only offer to create a new one.

    Plus my original user seems to have vanished somehow.

    Is there any way I could recover or disconnect the now Microsoft Account?

    As transferring the database is going to be long and painful.

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