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    How to switch off sounds of modems ?


    by samik ·

    Hi. Please help me with the problem..
    I have few external modems connected to the dial-up server with the help of MOXA-LPT hub, i.e. they are connected not separately but together with one big port. The later provided by inner MOXA board connected to the PCI on the dial-up server. So The dial-up server installed under the REd Hat 9,0 OS. And the problem is that I cannot switch off sounds of these modems in the case when they connected with the port I have mentioned. So help me to switched they off. I know how to do it in the case when they are connected to the server separately, but in this case I don’t know how do it…

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      Reply To: How to switch off sounds of modems ?

      by toivo talikka ·

      In reply to How to switch off sounds of modems ?

      I assume even though you have several modems connected to the one port, your system sends an initialization string to each modem individually. You can add the command to turn off the volume to the initialization string.

      If the initialization string is AT&F, change it to the following sequence: AT&FM0 (M zero at the end).

      (If you do not happen to have the manual for your modems, you can find a list of the AT commands for Hayes compatible modems at

      Or was it exactly like this that you switch off the sound when the modem is connected to the server directly?

      If your software does not send an initialization string to the modem, you may be able to store the M0 command in the modem’s active profile when you connect to the modem first directly using e.g. Hyperterminal and then plug the modem back to your dial-up board.

      More details about modem profiles and how to save them at

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