How to synchronize access databases ?

By GhassanMuthanna ·
The scenario is like follow:
I have one access database in a server, but for some reasons, I needed to make tow other copies of this DB?
So now I have three copies of this DB?
Each copy of the DB will be located in different server in different location in different city ( the locations connected to each other as LAN)?
So any update to any one of the DBs must be replicated to other DBs to be up to date and synchronized?
The replication process will begin each day overnight..
This process need to be automatically?
So, I need to synchronize the DBs with each other, I need to know the steps to make this process, if you have an idea about this issue or any help reference...
So, I will be truly yours

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This is generally not a good idea but:

by robo_dev In reply to How to synchronize access ...

Keep your data in sync with Access database replication

Microsoft Access has frequent integrity issues when running on a single stand-alone PC, so doing replication across multiple servers would be a bad, bad, bad idea.

Use a database such as MS-SQL, Oracle, or even Sybase, but not Access.

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Have to agree with Mr Dev

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to This is generally not a g ...

Even MySQl, anything but Access. Huge tin of worms.
If you are really lucky when the access mdb corrupts, replication will fail.

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