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How to take out Twin Head hard drive

By Healer ·
I have been trying to get a hard drive out from a Twin Head notebook, so that I could clean up the system of viruses and spywares. I removed all the screws I could see and even detached the LCD screen, I still couldn't open the case and even see where the hard disk could be. Certain corners of the case were still locked together. I didn't want to force it as I might break it. I don't have a manual. I searched the web and couldn't find one either. I wonder if somebody could help.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How to take out Twin Head ...

Well it would help to know the make and model of the NB.

Without that there is very little help that anyone here can offer.


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by Healer In reply to

Twinhead EFIO 1200

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by Breydel In reply to How to take out Twin Head ...

Here is a radical suggestion.... don't remove the drive.

In situations like these where you want to boot another system from another disk and then run an AV on this disk, you should contemplate WinPE or BartPE. (Or another BootCD of your choice)
They will allow you to boot from CD or USB and run pre-configured software like AV.

WinPE is a microsoft product.
BartPE you can find on

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by Healer In reply to

I have downloaded the BartPE bulder and I shall explore it. I hope this is a freeware. If you say any bootable CD, even an XP installation CD is a bootable CD. The thing is how I am going to set up and run an anti-virus scanner after the bootable CD. Is there any free generic software like AVG I can use in this process? How?

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by Neil Cotton In reply to How to take out Twin Head ...

There is a difference between a BootCD and a Bootable CD.....a bootable CD is a cd that can be booted from, that has a systematic function that is used to install onto a hard disk.

a BootCD, like WinPE, BartPe, or Knoppix are opperating system that run from the CD...not OS setups. They use only hard drive for page files and tempory files, nothing is left on the system when you turn it off. They can run with pretty much full access, as if it were far as I am aware, you cannot alter memory allocations though, as this is managed by the BootOS as it is running solely from memory and CD.

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by Breydel In reply to How to take out Twin Head ...

Note I said BootCD, not bootable CD.

There is a subtle difference.
BartPE is indeed free for you to use and you can use free AV software with it. I haven't looked into AVG on BartPE yet but I have run Free AV on it and regularly do (as well as Ad-Aware personal SE).
With BartPE, you can even download updates with it if your network card is recognised and connected to an internet router somewhere.

For further details have a look at :

I agree it takes a little while to set up your first BartPE CD but once you have it, it can save you so much time.... I don't know how I have managed so long without it.

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