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How to tell fog computing from cloud computing (Dubai weekend...)

By TobiF ·
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It's Friday morning here in Dubai. Some people prepare for the main prayer of the week as my brown cells start thinking of strange things.

We've all (?) heard about cloud computing.

Now, is there anything that would better deserve the term "fog computing"?

And would such "fog computing" be possible to recognize and tell from straight cloud computing.

Hoping for your kind help.


PS! you should see what heavy fogs Dubai comes up with, from time to time. You'd only see a few meters ahead of you. Nevertheless, the people her turn on their hazard lights and continue driving way too fast. (i.e. less fast than usually, but much faster than such weather conditions really would imply.)

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Eucalyptus and opennebula

by maxpowers410 In reply to How to tell fog computing ...

Im doing some research into practically implementing Eucalyptus and opennebula

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Fog has long been implicated as a factor in some of the US's largest traffic accidents and tie-ups. Multi-vehicle crashes, closed highways...what happens if we move everything to this so-called "cloud" and it becomes more like "fog"...massive collisions, traffic backups...
Good analogy!

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Partly cloudy computing?

by robo_dev In reply to Interesting...

In December 1990, a 99 vehicle accident occurred in dense fog outside Calhoun Tenn. that resulted in 12 deaths and 42 injuries.

It's good to know that stupid driving is not a strictly American invention, but that there are really stupid drivers everywhere.

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So you try to say...

by TobiF In reply to Interesting...

that fog computing would be if cloud computing went really wrong?
(Admin turn on hazard light instead of making back-up, assigning one virtual machine to two computers and another virtual machine to devnull, etc.)

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Or if you like the Streets of London

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to So you try to say...

It could mean that Jack the Ripper returns.

But if that was to happen we would have even fewer Women in IT and a very big reason for them not to join in the first place.

Perhaps Fog Computing is what you do with a NetBook on a Winters Night/Early Morning in the Old part of London when trying to access your Google Apps through a Unsecured WiFi Hot Spot. Nope that call that War Driving don't they?


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Except in the Marines...

by TobiF In reply to Or if you like the Street ...

Where it's called HiTech war diving. :)

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But with the way that things are going at the moment

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Except in the Marines...

Those People are likely to be tried for War Crimes.

For some reason I don't want to be involved as I don't have anywhere near enough Insurance Cover.


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Hmm. Automatic fire fighting or anti-burglar systems...

by TobiF In reply to How to tell fog computing ...

sometimes use fog.

So fog computing could be computers running in a place where such fog has been activated. And if these computers are cloud servers, then we're getting into unmapped land...

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Well No I'm not going there at all.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Hmm. Automatic fire fight ...

I do remember giving a piratical demonstration to a bunch of Bureaucrats on why you need O2 to the Workstation Sites in a room with Halon Fire Suppression Systems.

They where of the opinion that it was an unnecessary expense so they refused to allow the placement of the O2 bottles outside. I just turned off the Halon and when they where all inside triggered the Fire System which locked the doors and triggered the Halon which wasn't connected.

The bureaucrats where running around grabbing 3 minute Portable O2 Canisters which there where no where near enough of to begin with anyway and not worrying about the others locked in the room. I just informed them that it was going to take the Fire Brigade 30 minutes to get there and that they had killed us all.

I'll never forget the look of horror on their faces or the fact that they where really Pi$$ed Off when they didn't die.

But if I had of left the Halon connected perhaps that could be considered as Fog Computing. The little bit of Halon left in the lines did look impressive when the Valves open. :^0


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by seanferd In reply to Well No I'm not going th ...

And no Screwdriver involved!

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