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How to "Terminal Services"

By digital_cow ·
To the person who wants to share,

I use VNC as my remote management program but It performs slow or sometimes very very slow.

I heard that Terminal Services in Windows2K is better and it perform well and fast. My problem is, i dont know where will i start on using this Terminal Services.

I appriciate your help, advise and instruction to this application.


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I would Start with>>>

by radiic In reply to How to "Terminal Services ...

Building a test 2k server. One of the options during install is to turn on termincal services. Then asks for wether you are using term for administration or applications. Choose admin.

Then build you a set of term client disketes. And load it on a pc that is on the same net as your test server. then connect.

You will be suprised by it s speed and realiabilty. I know I was. I use it alot now for remote admin of my servers on different parts of my wan.


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Other options

by rdunn In reply to How to "Terminal Services ...

If you install Terminal Services, you will need to load the terminal services client on any PC which you need to access your server from.

However, for admin purposes, this will probably not be an issue since you'd need it installed just on veryfew PCs. Win2k has this client already built in, and does not require an additional license.

There are other alternatives, though. You can load the TightVNC client/server peices. This is a smaller client, is free, and takes up less bandwidth.You can get it from

Also, NetMeeting is very useful (and also free). This utilizes encrypted certificates, and domain authentication for remote access.

I use both, and like them equally, as they both serve their purposes.
Good luck!

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Better versions of VNC

by f1dotcom In reply to How to "Terminal Services ...

Search the web and you will definetely come across better versions of VNC. Some of them are also freeware, so you can try them first. And most of them perform much better than Terminal Services.

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