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How to test IDE controller transfer rate

By Tomph ·
Without any error messages my daughters PC started running real slow. I ran "performance test" and noted real low data rates from HDD. Changed drive with another HDD, newly formatted, fresh copy of XP, different IDE cables and ran test again. HDD still has low data rate. I suspect the controller might have a problem (onboard IDE controller on Soyo MB). Is there any test that can be done to verify or am I looking at a new mother board?

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by TheChas In reply to How to test IDE controlle ...

Start by checking the DMA / UDMA / Mode setting for the hard drive in BIOS setup.

If DMA mode is set to auto, make sure that no slower devices are connected to the same IDE channel (cable).

Do not manually set the DMA mode to a higher rate than the drive supports.

While in BIOS setup, verify that Cache and system memory settings are properly configured.

Next, check EVERY device connected to the data bus on the motherboard. This includes modems and network cards.
A bad or improperly configured plug-in card or on-board device can hog the data bus, and slow down ALL data transfer.

Low voltage on the power supply lines can also cause poor system performance.

One way to verify if you have an IDE controller problem or a system bus problem is to use a PCI IDE controller card. If data transfer improves with the card, then the IDE controller on the motherboard "MAY" be failing. If data transfer stays about the same, there is another problem on the bus.


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