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    How to time my internet?


    by timwateru ·

    Hi team,

    Can I ask anybody…I am trying to set up my PC where each of my family member when wanting to use the internet they will have to enter the code and/or username and password to access the internet.

    This is something like an internet cafe where each of my family member just enter the codes and access the internet for certain times or minutes.

    I am trying to make this possible because my brothers when accessing the internet – they would go on until almost an hour and my broadband PLAN is almost used up.

    So I made a deal with them that when wanting to access the internet they will have to pay for certain amount of money for certain amount of times or minutes then access the internet for that amount of period time given based on how much they pay. For example when they pay $5.00 they will have at least 30 minutes on the internet then when that’s over the internet will go off…

    This is to help pay for the broadband at the end of the month (to ISP)

    I only got one PC and a laptop both accessing the router wirelessly. The main pc is where my family access the internet or other work on the pc alone. Is this possible? – I mean I only want to make this especially when they are accessing the internet other than that if they want to use the computer without the internet – then its fine but if they want to use the internet then they’ll have to pay for the time…

    I appreciate your help.

    God bless and Merry Christmas and Happy festive season.


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