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    How to trace how an email is sent?


    by dmthomson ·

    So a user calls me this morning “my email is sending messages without me doing anything.” She goes on to explain she just received a undeliverable message to an address that does not exist on our network from the system administrator.

    My question is, how do I go about tracking what is causing this? I have only been at this company for a month and a half and getting a handle on their email issues has been a real problem.

    Thanks in advance

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      by dmthomson ·

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      Firstly you need a different title as most people wouldn’t read any further

      by oh smeg ·

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      Secondly you don’t try to trace the incoming Delivery Failure notification just add it to your Black List in your Spam Filter as this is the newest way that the babies are sending Spam. So add the Domain that it originates from to the Black List and hopefully that is the last that you see of any of this till they find a new Domain to originate this stuff from.

      Have you checked for Zombies in your system lately as that computer that accepted the message could now be one? Users like to click on things that they are asked to in E-Mails or on Web Sites and infect computers because they where told to click here.


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