How to transfer text file data in to exel sheet

By BDO1 ·
I want to transfer text file data in to an exel sheet.
For example I have data ABCDEFG in an text file and i want to export them in to an exel sheet so that ABCDEFG must appear in each column like A in 1st column, B in 2nd column, C in 3rd column and so on...


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you should be able

by PurpleSkys In reply to How to transfer text file ...

to just copy/paste the data column by column, you would have to set your column headings manually first though and reset your column widths...I tried a simple notepad text to test and it seemed to work ok, let us know if that helps

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Use the Text to Columns utility

by DelbertPGH In reply to How to transfer text file ...

Paste your text data into column A (or any other column you want.) Highlighting the data you want to convert, pick Text to Columns... from the Data pulldown.

It lets you divide up your info by character position or by delimiter character, and to specify whether it should treat the information as a number, a date, or as text. (Social Security numbers, and other identifier codes which can begin with a zero, should be treated as text. Otherwise you'd lose the leading zero on a numeric conversion.)

It's an extremely powerful tool and very easy to use.

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How to export DATA file into columns in EXCEL sheet

by loowee In reply to How to transfer text file ...

Please try the procedure below and see if it helps.

1. Select all data file <Ctrl A>
2. Copy the entire data file <Ctrl C>
2. Paste it in blank excel sheet.
3. Ensure that all data are under Column A by clicking on the rightmost side or corner of column A.
4. Once they are now all under column A, perform TEXT to COLUMN. In Excel 2007, go to DATA menu then select Text to Column.
5. Select on DELIMITED file type then click NEXT.
6. Select the appropriate delimiter by checking the box (ie. tab, semicolon, comma, space). If its not on the preselected choices, select Other and key in the delimiter used in your data file. The delimiter is the character that separates your data into columns as seen in your DATA file.
7. You would be able to see if you had selected the correct delimiter under the Data Preview as it would arrange your data into columns.
8. If okay, click NEXT. Then FINISH.

Now you're done. Hope this helped.

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