How to troubleshoot when CPU fails then won't boot?

By micmos ·
I'm an freshmen I.T. student and here is my problem:
i've bought an acer asphire x1900..days later,when i turned it on the screen shows nothing (i've already checked the cables and powers cords etc)...when i got home from school,my mom hires an it spec. to fixed but my desktop...but what he just did was reformatted and downgraded my desktop T_T . ..a week later,my pc is having a driver issues but i cant update it 'cause the only driver for my pc should be from windows 7.....while im using it,a blue screen appears on my screen but i cant read what's written on it because of those white lines on the screen,,after that the screen turns black then my CPU's power button blinks but nothings stays there...i turn it off then turn it back on but nothing is happening..the fan is still working,the light on my monitor shows orange,the mouse and keyboard's light is out....what should i do??please help me IT prof T_T

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Take It Back

by TheChas In reply to How to troubleshoot when ...

Your first plan should be to take it back to the tech who reformatted it and have them fix it.

As far as the other issues, could be cooling or just plain failing hardware.
Memory and the power supply are the easiest parts to swap out and see if new fixes the problems.


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Beep Codes are your friend

Assumming there are any beeps when you power it up, that will be the key to figuring out what is happening. If there aren't any beeps what you can do is power it on and wait about 15 or 20 seconds then place your hand over one of the chips on the mobo and see if there is any heat coming off of it. (be careful cause they can get hotter then heck) or alternately pull the heat sink and fan off the cpu and see if it is heating up. If they aren't then that is a good indication that there is no power running to them, which could be a power supply issue or it could be a failed mother board. Usually it is a failed mobo, but you can also take a voltmeter and check the output from the power supply from any of the power connectors coming off of the PS dongle.

My guess would be failed mobo/cpu. Not sure what the tech was doing reformatting whene it sounds like a hardware issue but unfortunately a lot of the home pc techs don't have a clue.

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problem update

by micmos In reply to How to troubleshoot when ...

hey guys . .here is the update . . . .sometimes the pc is booting up but sometimes it won't.
there is no beep . . and when the comp boots up,i can use it only for about 10-30 mins then it will restart...and it will not boot up again.....(

is it alright if i'm lucky to boot it up upgrade it to windows 7 then update its driver??

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Hardware Problem

by TheChas In reply to How to troubleshoot when ...

Do not waste your time installing Windows 7. This system has a hardware problem.

Could still be power supply, CPU, RAM, or even the motherboard.

Driver errors can prevent Windows from loading. I have NEVER seen a driver cause a no boot or a random shut down problem.


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