How to trun off Word Starter 2010 w/o uninstalling

By aardvark1956 ·
I got myself into trouble again by playing around with my relatively new PC (run Windows 7 - bought the day before Windows 8 came because i write and edit online from home and HAD to have a computer). Hated giving up my XP after 10 yrs. -- the only OS I'd ever used. Well, I lost my Word 2003 disk and was given Word 2007. After semi-adapting to it I discovered a goodie called Word Starter 2010 came free on the computer (which was pretty bare-bones). It changed a lot of files i was already working on and I need them back how they were. Can i disengage it w/o uninstalling it? Please help! I have to turn out a weekly document on deadline.

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Well I have no idea of what Word Starter 2010 is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to trun off Word Star ...

But I would imagine that if it could open Word Documents then you should be able to save them as .Doc format from the program. Open Word Starter 2010 then open one of the changed documents and then click on Save As and when the Windows Opens from the Drop Down List select .Doc instead of what it is currently set to.

Actually i do know what this is it's a Free Microsoft Office sort of product that has word and excel only and should be saving the documents from word as .DocX which is the new format that Word Saves in though it very well may not open Word 2003 Documents properly if they have lots of Formatting in them.


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Check the contents of your documents folder

by Reality Checker In reply to How to trun off Word Star ...

Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder(s) in which you have been storing the files you have been working on. Take a look at the filenames: on your computer, files with otherwise similar names will have the Word 2003 format if they end in .doc, and Word Starter 2010 (or Word 2007) if they end in .docx . If you are lucky, you will find that you have two files, one of them in Word 2003 format and one in Word Starter 2010 format.

You haven't explained how the files you saved with Word Starter 2010 are unsatisfactory, and therefore why you need them in Word 2003 (or is it Word 2007?) format. Depending on what the reason is, you may still be able to achieve the outcome you want using Word Starter 2010 (or possibly Word 2007).

Can you supply more information about the exact problem you are trying to solve by reverting to the Word 2003 format?

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