How to turn a Netgear N600/WNDR3400 into a switch and wireless repeater

By BriMan83 ·
So here's the situation.

I have a home network, that starts with a Arris DG1670 modem. It's broadcasts it's own wireless LAN signal, and has 4 RJ-45 ports coming off the back of it. Off of one of those ports, we have a CAT 5 cable running through the attic to the other side of the house, to a bedroom, that for whatever reason, has a very spotty connection to the wireless network. I currently have a Netgear N600 Wireless Dual Band Router (WNDR3400) just laying around, that I'm going to connect into that cable in the bedroom, and I already know it can be set up as a wireless AP. What I'm curious about are...

1. Since the Netgear router has 4 LAN ports on the back, can I use it as a switch as well? In that bedroom there is currently a desktop computer that only has a LAN card in it requiring a RJ-45 connection. If I don't have to go get a wireless card for it that would be awesome.

2. When I set it up to be a AP/repeater for the wireless connection from the main modem, I want it to look like the exact same network (SSID/password). Basically, if you happen to be wandering around the house with a laptop, I don't want it to be switching back and forth between what it thinks are two different networks. I want it to be seen as one seamless network.

I'm sure these are pretty basic questions, but if someone could help me with these I would greatly appreciate it.

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