how to unblock ORKUT

By pps_chiks ·
hi i want to know that how to unblock ORKUT, my administrator has blocked orkut and i am not able to open it from many proxy serevers like ..... please tell me a solution


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key words to look at

by CG IT In reply to how to unblock ORKUT

"my administrator has blocked orkut "

because he has blocked it, there's no way around the block.

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make a business case for orkut

by sgt_shultz In reply to how to unblock ORKUT

if you are using it for business, document how and why it is helping you and take it to your administrator with your request to unblock it.
otherwise, save your pennies for a home computer. hurry, you are about to get fired.

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Try to make some REAL friends in the real world...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to how to unblock ORKUT

Then you might not rely so heavily on the internet for your social interaction.

Also, consider the principles of 'working for remuneration': you work and someone pays you money in return for the work done. Students work and in return they (hopefully) get a qualification.

This is how the world works.

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unblock orkut in uae

by praveenbrahma In reply to how to unblock ORKUT
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hi there guess i got a solution for u....!!!!

by rashwan.s In reply to how to unblock ORKUT

1st of all is not a proxy server my friend i will give u a list of proxy man check out this link and dude in order 2 access orkut try out and then in there type in the http colon inside the website aliright hope this will help.......take care and ba bye......!!!!

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how to unblock ORKUT

by erdhritiman07 In reply to how to unblock ORKUT

u can use
to unlock orkut..... better use,u can send scraps through this site....

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by sallims_sh In reply to how to unblock ORKUT

Hi I'm Salim.......i tried all proxy sites all sites but i cant surf orkut. I get only login window dats it. Please help on this.

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by IC-IT In reply to orkut

How can you give us thumbs for slamming you, when you hijack an old thread instead of starting your own question?

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That's eBusiness quality :^0 ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Jeez

I shudder to think what standard of service these Twonks provide.

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I know

by Bizzo In reply to That's eBusiness quality ...

Our company is planning to double the number of people in our offshore offices, and yes, the standard of service from a lot of them is less than desirable. Maybe that's why, they spend all their time trying to unblock Orkut.

What do you think the chances are that one of these people works at my company?

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