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How to unblock P2P programs in isa server?

By redsoul ·
Does anybody know how? thanks!

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A couple ways....

by Reb00t In reply to How to unblock P2P progra ...

1. You can unblock the specific port that your P2P program runs on. Usually, in the config of the program, you can specify the port # or it tells you the port it's using.

2. The other way is to do an internal IP machine mapping to an external facing IP (much risker) and unblock your port from the config. Of course this requires you to have a static IP internally as well.

#1 will definitely be less risker, but to each his own.

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I did

by redsoul In reply to A couple ways....

i did, the # 1 you said, i allow the port number, like for example the limewire, this program has a port of 6346 (im not sure if it is. i used LIMEWIRE PRO), i already allow this protocol in my isa server but i dont know if in protocol type is TCP or UDP and in Direction is Outbound or Inbound. Can you help me with this? thank you so much!

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It seems as though you want this program fairly's some info...

by Reb00t In reply to I did

First...I personally wouldn't run a program like this on a corporate network. If there was ever an investigation into a public IP where illegal software is being downloaded/uploaded, it can be devastating to your career.

Ok, now I'll get off the soap box. I would open the UDP and TCP ports for that port number and open up outbound and inbound. I'm assuming that Limewire wants you to have a good share ratio so that you can continue to download at a fairly fast rate.

Once that's done and tested, start turning off options like TCP on port 6346 and see what that does to your connection. I'm not sure if those programs use TCP or UDP, I'm assuming TCP, but I'm not 100% how they work.

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i see

by redsoul In reply to It seems as though you wa ...

well, in that case, maybe i should not continue this programs, as a matter of fact this programs are prohibited in our campus, im just using this just to download a mp3 because i am bored in my office.. (hehehe..) anyway, what i did is i setup a computer and configure it to pass by my internet server were isa server are installed. i directly connect this computer in my modem. now i can use my limewire again..

tnx for the advice reboot!!

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