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how to uninstall outlook express and reinstall without a cd?

By bennettchic ·
I have issues with outlook and outlook express. how can i uninstall outlook express and get it back without cds? i have the cds for 2003 and 2007 but not outlook express it did not come with my computer which i got a year ago.

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Download it from the internet

by jardinier In reply to how to uninstall outlook ...

I don't know if you need the CD to uninstall it and I am not about to test this on my computer.

But you can download it from the internet. Just do a Google. There are a number of websites available.

Hope this is of some help.

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yes that helps...

by bennettchic In reply to Download it from the inte ...

did you try it on your computer? did you then download it back from the internet and which website it safe?

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Outlook Express is a Windows Component...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to how to uninstall outlook ...

that can be reinstalled via Add/Remove Programs/Add/Remove Windows Components. You will of course need to upadate it after reinstalling it as it will be the default version that came with the OS.

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yeah but i do not have the os cd

by bennettchic In reply to Outlook Express is a Wind ...

where else can i get it that is secure/

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to yeah but i do not have th ...

You can get an OS CD from the manufacturer of your system. Get the serial number and Windows license number from the case. Contact the hardware manufacturer; they send you the CDs for the cost of shipping and handling.

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Copy the folder ?

by PlipO In reply to yeah but i do not have th ...

Have you tried coping the Outlook Express directory which is located in Program Files ?
I have just done this and OE loaded without any issues.

I expect it will run ok but might have some issues if other apps try to integrate with it because if you reinstall Windows then copy the OE folder to your computer; there will be no entry for OE in the registry.

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no i am not that tech savy yet

by bennettchic In reply to Copy the folder ?

I love doing all of these things on my computer but my skills are limited, so I do not understand how to copy it to my directory nor do i know waht oe is i assume operating e-something?

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Copy the folder/ use different email client.

by PlipO In reply to no i am not that tech sav ...

You can copy the OE folder by going to C:\Program Files, in this directory you will find the Outlook Express folder. Copy the folder and paste it wherever you like.
You can run OE by double clicking on "msimn.exe" the application will load but I am not sure of the limitations that you might have. As I've said before, you are likely to have issues with any applications that try to use OE.

Is it possible to use a different email client?
There are many free email clients available.

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You don't need the CD...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to yeah but i do not have th ...

it is a component of Windows that you install via the Add/Remove Windows components. I have yet to be prompted for the CD when Adding/Removing components like IE or OE.

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