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How to uninstall software Windows won't?

By Poordirtfarmer ·
How do I uninstall software that Windows will not completely uninstall? On a Windows 98 machine I installed a D-Link wireless PCI adapter and the associated software and driver. The setup worked fine for awhile but later began having problems ? losing connection, weak signal, device missing, etc. Per suggestion from D-Link Support, I attempted to update the driver with the newest available for my hardware. I soon found that I needed to completely uninstall the existing D-Link software before a new install would work.

I turned off the machine & physically removed the PCI card; brought the machine up & uninstalled the hardware using device manager; uninstalled the software from the control panel; rebooted & in safe mode removed the device again in device manager. Finally I went back into Control Panel ?Change or Remove Programs? and the D-Link software was still there. I have since tried again and again and also with the actions in slightly different order, but always the D-Link stuff remains. And always the driver update fails.

When I attempt to install the newer rev, the installation asks me if I want to remove the existing software completely. I answer yes, of course, but then it flashes 100% for a split second then stops but the old software is still there. It appears that I simply must have the old D-Link S/W completely off the system to successfully upgrade. Is a reformat of the HD the only way to do this?

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by Oz_Media In reply to How to uninstall software ...

When the card starts droppng and not holding a consistent connection strength, it is generally a dead card.

Just tellD-Link that you have tried another D-Link card and it worked fine. They will RMA your card and replace it.

I've done the same thing with playing the driver game, they will always say it's your drivers. If it isn't they will say it's your OS, after reformatting they will tell you to try a different card, THEN they will send you a new one (if under warranty of course).

Just get them to jump the gun, go for the hardware replacement and THEN try your drivers instead of running in circles with a 'possibly' dead card.

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by Poordirtfarmer In reply to

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by TheChas In reply to How to uninstall software ...

Drivers are VERY difficult and time consuming to remove manually.

BACK up ALL system files before trying any of the following!!!!!!!!

Start with regedit, and remove ANY trace of the D-Link card and software.
This can be very time consuming.
What I do, is search fro a few key terms such as D-Link and add other terms that I find in keys to my search list.

Then, check the legacy system files: Autoexec, Config, MSDOS, Win.ini sys.ini for any legacy driver calls.

Finish by searching the hard drive for related files. Move the files to a "junk" folder for quarantine before deleting them in case they need to be restored.


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by Poordirtfarmer In reply to

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by HereInOz In reply to How to uninstall software ...

Also, D-Link normally uses Installshield Wizard for installation.

After you have done all the above, particularly editing the registry, as Chas mentioned, go to C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information, go through all the folders with the big long meaningless names, and check each one for a setup.ini file that contains reference to d-link, or the modem or similar.

Bear in mind that D-Link do not always make the modems, and the setup.ini file may refer to the original maker, rather than D-Link - just to make it more complex!

When you are sure that you have got the correct folder that contains the install information for the modem, delete the folder or better, move it to another place with another name, just in case you picked the wrong one.

If you do not remove these files, you will never be able to re-install the modem drivers. Trust, me, for I have been there!!


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by Poordirtfarmer In reply to

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by Poordirtfarmer In reply to How to uninstall software ...

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