How to unlock hard drive?

By rappin05 ·
I bought a hard drive off of ebay.
The seller had tested it with a computer which had some hardware that put a password on it(a raid controller I think.) He sent me instructions on how to unlock it, but they don't work. I get an error that says: problem issuing unlock command, function not implemented. I tried to just initialize it in windows 7 but it comes up with an I/O device error. I think that it would have to be unlocked with his computer(raid controller), but I was wondering if I could do it without his computer. Is this in any way possible?

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HDD lock

by The Scummy One In reply to How to unlock hard drive?

if you try to bypass the HDD lock, it may very well destroy the drive. You need to unlock it properly to gain access. I think you got ripped off.
On a side note -- why not just go and get a new HDD, they are not that expensive these days.

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by rappin05 In reply to HDD lock

I didnt get ripped off, the guy sent me a replacement. I dont care if it destroys it, i want to try it at least. Hard drives may not cost that much, but I dont really have spare money for one anyway.

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Ahh - the thrill of an ebay purchase ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How to unlock hard drive?

Kinda like sticking your hand into one of two bags...

One's got some goodies in it
One's got some creepies in it

Will you or won't you get stung? That is the thrill (apparently).

Personally I've never been in a betting shop in all of my 54 years.

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right hardware?

by rappin05 In reply to How to unlock hard drive?

As far as i know a 3ware raid controller put the password on it(if so i know the password), if i could use a 3ware raid controller to unlock it, would have to be the same model or could it be any one of them?

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Mm - sorry but it strikes me that no matter where you bought it from ..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to right hardware?

On delivery it should have been empty.

You might as well hit this HD with a bag of spanners. You've as much chance of getting it spot-on as anything else.

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It is empty

by rappin05 In reply to Mm - sorry but it strikes ...

The drive is 100% empty
the guy was just testing his drives out before he sent them out and his raid controller put a password. He did send me a replacement, but let me keep the original.

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Let me get this right

by The Scummy One In reply to It is empty

you dont have enough money to buy a new HDD, however you can get different models of a RAID controller to try removing a PW?


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by rappin05 In reply to Let me get this right

I may be able to borrow a raid controller or something like that, its worth a shot if it will work.

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Tell the seller

by seanferd In reply to borrow

that he needs to send you a drive without a password on it. It makes no sense that there is a password.

It is also quite possible that the password won't work unless the drive is connected to the same hardware that set it. (i.e., that guys hardware.)

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I think what he means is

by The Scummy One In reply to Tell the seller

that because he couldnt erase the PW, the seller sent another HDD to him to replace it. Now that he has this useless drive, he now wants to hack it to remove the PW.

But in this case, it likely does not matter. If the drive is locked, it will be destroyed trying to unlock it incorrectly too many times, or if it determines that it may be being tampered with.

Likely it will need the same setup that it was previously in (set from the BIOS). I doubt it will be by the controller, but the same HW involved (computer type/setup). However, I am not certain about this.

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