How to unlock System Setup

First. I am not a hacker! My cousins Dell computer, which is running XP Professional as an OS, recently was infected by a virus / malware. I was able to successfully delete the anti virus program which became corrupted. I first tried to enter the Bios / Setup via the F2 command and the Setup menu page appeared. He wanted me to reset his system password as well as his administrator password, but when I attempted to do so, the next message was, administrative password is needed to unlock setup. He has forgotten the original password or someone has entered a different one and he nor I knows this password. I tried the method of removing the CMOS Battery to reset the Bio's information, but this did not work. All systems and programs are fully funtional now, and I have him running windows defender as well as windows advance systems care to protect his computer, but he still wants to have his main password change so know one else can alter his personal settings. What mush I do? please respond to, John Haskins, at I am a registered member of Tech Support. Thank you.

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Every day...

by SPC_TCOL In reply to How to unlock System Setu ...

Almost every day someone is asking a similar question, and every day you will get the same answer.
Any user of this forum is not allowed to help you with this problem, because we don't know if what you are telling us is true.
And even if it's true, how do we make sure that nobody else will read this instruction to do bad?

Your best choice is the manufacture of the computer, they can help you.
We can not!

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Thank You

by JHASKINS75 In reply to Every day...

I have posted my response to all replies, with a professional reason as well as an answer to each concern. I again thank each and all for their replies and information given. I did not mean to cause an eruption to the technical volcano. Please enjoy a great Holiday...John Haskins

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RE: "delete the anti virus program which became corrupt" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How to unlock System Setu ...

And you knew it was corrupt by what means?

If it was your Anti-Virus Program what did you use to discern that it had become infected?

You're talking nonsense.

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by JHASKINS75 In reply to RE: "delete the anti viru ...

I am not sure how to address your reply, except to keep it in content professionally. I was contacted by the owner of this system, who is a family member of mine and his description of the problem " suggested " that he had a software issue, for the "Blue Screen of Death " which to me is just an inherited message provided by the original programmers as a warning to something requiring your attention. The reason why I elected him to remove the anti virus third party software, cause he let someone else use his system and they wacked his settings and in turn the virus software he uses, the update feature was disabled which over a period of time, allowed worm, trojan, spyware and malware including malicious scrips to enter his system. I advised him to delete the program, after trying to exit out of it, which that could not be done via exit command nor through the task manager process tree end command. When I finally removed the corrupted software, the system returned to it's normal functioning state. I hope you do not consider this reply or my answer as " Talking Nonsense ". I only did what my training allowed me to attempt through reasonable objective approach to a problem by minimizing the solutions.

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Still no go...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Clarification

We won't help with password resets as others have said.

If the computer was that badly infected, I would have opted for a wipe and rebuild. Less headaches in the long run...

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TR members do not assist password recovery. Do not respond to this thread

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to unlock System Setu ...

The members of TechRepublic - A Resource for IT Professionals, will not assist anyone in the recovery of lost passwords. You may have a legitimate reason to recover a password. However, we cannot verify your motives and will therefore not assist anyone in what may be an attempt at gaining unauthorized access to a computer system. Due to the open nature of this forum, any assistance given to help circumvent security measures, even for legitimate purposes, would be available for unscrupulous individuals to use for illegitimate purposes. This is a risk that we the members of TechRepublic will not take. Please do not ask questions of this nature on TechRepublic.

If you have a legitimate need to circumvent a password scheme, please contact the vendor for the software / hardware and request their assistance. E.g. Windows XP password recovery issues should be taken up with Microsoft's technical support, Phoenix BIOS password recovery issues should be taken up with Phoenix Technologies, etc.. To those viewing this post: Please DO NOT respond any further to this thread.

This template has been released under the GNU public license and you are encouraged to use it as a standard reply for questions of similar nature, provided that you make any modifications available to other users.

Easy answer is to take the system to a Authorized Dell Service Agent and pay them to reset the BIOS password if that is what you are asking here.


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