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How To Unnsubscribe From A Discussion

By MSpencer50 ·
I've discovered the secret to unsubscribing to individual Tech Republic newsletters (click on Newsletters at the top of the screen on the dark bar and selectively pick and choose which ones you wish to see and which ones you don't)

However, I seem to have committed the unpardonable sin of subscribing to a discussion thread. I've found no way possible to unsubscribe from one. Regrettably, it's a pretty active discussion thread and thus I get updates for it many many times each and every day.

I promise to log on to Tech Republic from time to time (based on my interest in the occasional newsletter) if you'll just please instruct me as to what to do to get unsubscribed from the discussion thread.

By the way, I chose Intrusion Detection as the Topic for this thread as it seems thie discussion thread has become very intrusive. LOL!

Thanks for any assistance that can be provided.

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How to Unsubscribe

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Here's how to unsubscribe from a discussion:

1. Click on the "My Discussions" link.

2. Go to the "Discussions Subscribed To" section.

3. Click "remove" next the discussion you want to unsubscribe from.

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Thanks... That Worked!

by MSpencer50 In reply to How to Unsubscribe

That was far too easy and frankly I'm feeling a little embarassed for missing it. Thanks again.

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