How to upgrade hard disk and optical drive in Vaio NV170

By elabndrawy ·
I got a vaio NV170 and it works ok but all of the sudden the Optical drive is not working. The sonny ppl would charge me a proce of almost a new Toshiba or dell with a good spec.
is there any body have the information on how could i replace the optical drive myself.
thanks you may also e-mail me at elbandrawy@gmail.com

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Well as Sony doesn't list this model

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How to upgrade hard disk ...

I'll have a shot in the dark.

There are a couple of options here the first is that the Optical Drive has failed and you can pull the unit apart take out the Optical Drive and walk into a Computer shop and ask for a new one that matches your existing one. Most have a standard Interface now so it shouldn't be much of a problem to get a replacement Optical drive though it may be a different colour. Just remember to keep any fittings that are attached to the drive as you'll need them when fitting the replacement.

Sony may have more of a Heads Up that you actually realise and know that the M'Boards break and need replacing hence the large cost of repair that's another possibility.

As for replacing the HDD that is where things start to get tricky you'll need to look at the upper size of a HDD that is supported by BIOS and then buy accordingly. At the same time you'll need to look at the actual power consumption and see what the new HDD consume so any new one doesn't drain the battery faster than the existing one does or worse still fail to work at all because it requires more power that the unit was designed to ever use so it's incapable of being run properly off the mains let alone the battery. The biggest problem will be the BIOS Size limit imposed but everything else is important as well when you are considering changing HDD's in NB's.


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