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    How to use AI in the house

    by pavlos.thes ·

    I’ve been using VoiceGPT for a while now. It’s a nice android app which allows interacting with ChatGPT by voice. I was wondering if there’s a viable and affordable way with today’s tecnnology to have this wonderful AI, or any other, “always available” in the house. Something like a device that can connect to wireless microphones and speakers around the house, with no need to click buttons before speaking, just talk and get a reply. I know Google Home does that, but i don’t like the way Google responds and i’d prefer a more private and custom solution.

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      Keep in mind

      by rproffitt ·

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      That ChatGPT since its release is less than a year old. We’ll get there if you want a ready to use device like that but ALL OF THEM will collect user data unless you create your own.

      Check out Reddit’s ChatGPT sub for what’s going on with self hosting a GPT type system.

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      Exploring Alternative Solutions: Achieving an ‘Always Available’ AI Assista

      by michaelbhavel ·

      In reply to How to use AI in the house

      I understand your interest in having an “always available” AI assistant in your house, similar to VoiceGPT but with more privacy and customization options. While technologies like Google Home provide voice-activated assistants, you’re looking for an alternative solution.

      Fortunately, there are viable options available today that can meet your requirements. One approach is to set up a smart speaker system that integrates with an AI assistant of your choice. These smart speakers can connect to wireless microphones and speakers throughout your house, allowing you to interact with the AI by simply speaking.

      To ensure privacy and customization, you can explore open-source AI assistant platforms or self-hosted solutions. These options give you more control over your data and enable customization according to your preferences. Some examples include Mycroft AI and

      By opting for such solutions, you can have an “always available” AI assistant that respects your privacy and offers more customization options compared to commercially available alternatives. Be sure to research and evaluate the different platforms available to find the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

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