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    How to use BDC to rebuild PDC?


    by info ·

    When a Primary Domain Controller machine fails, it really helps to have at least one Backup domain controller so that Active Directory Users in the network may continue using the domain. However, most shared fodlers and files also reside inside the PDC and if the PDC machine itself is rendered physically unusable, these shared folders and files would also be unusable to domain users even if they could still log on to the domain thru the BDC. So to speak, should a PDC physically fails, the only way to allow domain users to have access again to those folders is to rebuild the PDC from the backup tapes. Would somebody advise on how to rebuild the Active Directory list for the PDC from a BDC machine in order that a manual recreation of the Active Directory wouldn’t be necessary? And how about the access privileges on the domain folders and files, will there be a way to recreate these automatically?

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      by bfilmfan ·

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      Let’s improve your understanding here of AD. There is no such thing as a backup domain controller in AD. Any domain controller can authenticate a user.

      The Primary Domain Controller is a role which can be moved to any domain controller in the environment. The only time the PDC comes into play is:

      (A) You have to provide Microsoft functionality to non-Microsoft clients that are unaware of AD.

      (B) You have Microsoft NT 4 or 9x clients on the network.

      (C) You have have made a change in a password or a GPO, the GPO handles synchronization to all other domain controllers.

      Thus, if a PDC fails, you move the role to another DC. Since the SYSVOL is replicated to all domain controllers in a domain, the new PDC will simply announce itself to all other domain controllers and you are done.

      If you really meant to say that you have USER file folders and shares on a domain controller that you need replicated to another server, you use DFS, which allows for files and shares to be replicated amongst multiple servers.

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      Reply To: How to use BDC to rebuild PDC?

      by cg it ·

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      well said Bfilmfan.

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