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How to use Exchange Server 2003 and webmail together?

By TasoP ·
If a windows small business server has exchange 2003 configured to download emails from a pop account on an external email host, is it possible for the emails to stay on the original email server? Right now, all the emails that exchange downloads, leave the original mail server and are only present on the exchange server. This company does not want to host their own emails.

I know outlook has an option to "leave a copy on the server" but I'm not sure how that would be done in exchange. OWA will probably be setup for this company, but we would like the emails to stay on the original server as well. One of the reasons would be that if the server with exchange ever goes down, they can still go online to the webmail and check emails that way (plus have access to the older emails).

Please let me know because this company is in need of a solution very soon.



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Outlook 2003

by p.j.hutchison In reply to How to use Exchange Serve ...

You can configure Outlook to use MAPI (Exchange Server) mode and also enable Exchange Cache mode which is ideal for clients on the move or if the server goes down, the user can access their mail which is stored in a Offline file. See Tools, Account settings.

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I have no experience with

by Dumphrey In reply to How to use Exchange Serve ...

Exchange on SBS, but in general I would look in your pop3 virtual server connecting to the primary server.

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Question Taso

by adiaz12439 In reply to How to use Exchange Serve ...

How well does SBS 2003 R2 with Exchange 03 work with Webmail?

I'm planning to deploy this next week and I have not decided yet.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Question Taso

OWA or Outlook Web Access is very good and is ideal for people on the move and good for access over internet. No configuration required for users unlike Outlook or other Email programs. Just login and use.

Microsoft have done a lot of work on OWA to make it look and work very similarly to Outlook.

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SBS 2003R2 - Exchange send receive Internet email

by adiaz12439 In reply to OWA


Thank you for your response. I should have been more detailed.

I'd like to know if anyone elese has configured exchange with Internet email. With or with out using MS Connector POP3 Mailboxes when setting up Exchange 2003 and OWA.

How easy was the configuration of Exchange and OWA?

And how well does it function with Exchange and OWA?

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