How To Use Exchange WITHOUT An Internet Domain

By edwardjrobertson ·

I have Windows Server 2003 Enterprise set up with Exchange 2003. My Exchange server works internally however I don't have an internet domain. Is it possible to set up something will port forwarding so if I emailed:


It will still arive.

I can send messages externally but after that I can't reply because the domain dosent exist.

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Not Possible

by Monice In reply to How To Use Exchange WITHO ...

The clients that need to email you need an email address to send to. The email client needs to reply to an FQDN "". Most email servers won't even accept email from a server without a registered domain name. Why would you not want to register a domain name? It's cheap and easy. Now administrating and protecting your own Exchange server is not so easy. You have spam, viruses, and relaying you have to worry about.

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by edwardjrobertson In reply to Not Possible

Thanks for your help.

I am gettig a domain it's just that the one I want is in use and I am waiting to see if the owner will sell it.

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you could opt for POP3

by CG IT In reply to Thanks

in which you use your current public email provider to send and receive email messages.

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