How to use IDE hard drive on SATA(945) mainboard?

By indu1234512345 ·
I have upgraded my PC and new mainboard is 945GCxxx. It has 2 SATA and one IDE controller for HDD. I can not use my old sigate 40 GB IDE hard disk on it. It is very slow at installing XP and also not booting. It only works when I use drive image and copy xp installed image from someone. Is there any workaround of this problem?

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Not really

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to use IDE hard drive ...

It's to do with the way that these Chip Sets address the HDD Controllers though you may find that installing all of the Chip Set Drivers will help things after you have the OS Loaded.

But the reality is that any 40 GIG IDE Drive is going to be considerably slower than a small SATA Drive so there's not much that can be done here.


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not much you can do

by .Martin. In reply to How to use IDE hard drive ...

even the IDE to SATA adapters out there will no improve speed.

only solution is to fork out for a new drive.

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