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How to use Outlook express

By j4jay_link ·
Pls someone should help me to know how to use Outlook Express to send and receive mails.

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How to use Outlook express

by dmiles In reply to How to use Outlook expres ...

This section describes how to configure Outlook Express to access your POP e-mail box.

1. From the Tools drop down menu, select Accounts.

2. You will see a listing of all the different accounts that you have Microsoft Outlook Express configured to use. Click Add and select Mail to add a new e-mail account.

The Internet Account Wizard will prompt you at each step throughout the setup process.

3. Enter your Display Name (The name that will display an e-mail sent using this profile, ex. your name).

4. Select the “I already have an e-mail address that I’d like to use” radio button.

5. Type in your e-mail address as follows: popID/ (popID is your userID or Username that you selected when you created your e-mail account, followed by a slash and then your domain name).

6. Make sure POP3 is selected for your mail server.

7. Type in your incoming mail server as:

8. Type in your outgoing mail server as:

9. Type in the account name and password your Internet Service Provider has given you.

10. Click Finish

With Microsoft Outlook Express, you can setup additional mail accounts for every mailbox from which you need to retrieve mail.

There are many more options available in Outlook Express. See the software's documentation or for more information on the advanced options.

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