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    How to use own router with ISP Gateway

    by jpsulak ·


    Hello, I have been have terrible difficulties with my ISP Consolidated Communication. Customer service AND the technicians have all given me the runaround telling me they won’t support what I’m trying to do, which is get internet in more than one room. They have informed me that the DSL modem/router combo is the newest one available and that they don’t have any modems without routers. (Yes, they only provide DSL at 10mbps to my address and I have no other alternatives).

    The router is using 802.11n and it will not allow more than 5 or so devices to connect before crapping out, and it doesn’t even cover 1/4 of my house.

    To combat this, I have purchased my own router mesh system (the Linksys Velop 802.11ax system) and I would like to use this with my modem. The problem? I cannot for the life of me figure out how to disable the routing functionality on my gateway. I was able to disable the wireless without an issue, but no matter how I’ve configured everything, I can’t figure out how to push internet through the WAN port to my router. Instead, I am only able to set up my router using the LAN port, and my internet drops quite often. I assume it has to do with the gateway and the mesh router both attempting to assign IP addressed and causing difficulties, or possibly from the absolutely abysmal capabilities of the gateway in handling more than a couple devices.

    The gateway hardware I have is by Zhone and the model number is 6729-w1-na-0cc.

    If anyone has any ideas for me, they are greatly appreciated!

    MODERATOR NOTE: At this time the forum has issues so I can’t easily reply. To solve this one I use the Velop without changing the existing modem+router or deploy a Powerline WiFi kit.

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