How to use "DaysLookUp" function in Excel 2003.

By Richied ·
Dear Everyone,

Can anyone advise me how to use the "DaysLookUp" function in Excel 2003.

I have a document, not created by me.

On the summary page there is a list of names in the A column and the months of the year appear horizontally in the second row.

Each person has a separate worksheet which has the person's name as the title.
In the main body of the document there is the following formula: "=DaysLookup("AL",E$2,$A8)".

Where "AL" represents "Annual Leave", "$A8" represents name of the person and "E$2" represents the month.

This function works fine for existing worksheets; however, if I create a new worksheet on a new person, or change the title of an existing worksheet for the new person, then a problem arises with the formula. Instead of displaying the number of days of Annual Leave, the cell displays the following: "#######". In the cell which has a simple mathematical formula ("Total Annual Leave Allowance" minus "Annual Leave Taken") I get the following: "#NAME?".

There is another way to achieve the same result, which is by using a formula of the type: "='Worksheet title'!B$37".

However, I would be very grateful if anybody could advise how to use the "DaysLookUp" function. Also, I wonder whether there is any advantage to using the "DaysLookUp" function.

Please advise.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards.


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