How to use Raydream Studio 5.5 with Windows 7?

By Wetwire ·
I used to run Raydream Studio 5.5 on my XP PC. I would like to run it on my new PC which uses windows 7 but it will not run. After it is installed I get a "disk error " message when I try to run the app. Is there a patch or perhaps an upgrade to Raydream that will allow it to work on my machine?

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"Disk error".

by seanferd In reply to How to use Raydream Studi ...

Anything more specific? The error message is generated by app or by Windows? Check the Windows event logs.

Vista and 7 use a different NTFS format from XP, but I'm not sure why it would matter to the application.

If the app is looking for /Documents and Settings folder, which is not actually used in 7, there may be a problem with the symbolic link which points to /Users.

Further, you may simply want to try running the app in Compatibility Mode. Right-click the shortcut for the app → Properties → Compatibility tab. Choose to run with compatibility for XP (or windows 95 ). This software was released in 1997, and you should probably be looking for a replacement. So, there is the possibility this won't run on 7 at all.

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Did you run the Windows Upgrade Adviser on your XP System?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to use Raydream Studi ...

If not you can download it free from M$ here


You need to check if 7 Supports this Application or not. If 7 Doesn't support this Application it may work in Compatibility Mode or XP Mode if you have a Suitable version of 7 but equally it just as well may not work.

Apparently the owners of Raydream Studios have divested themselves of this product and it is no longer supported so there is no new version that may work with Windows 7.

Full details are available here apparently


However considering the age of this application it is very unlikely to work with Windows 7 which is radically different to XP. As this was mainly contained in Carrara which is the main product sold by it's owners you may be able to buy a new version of Carrara but even that looks suspect none the less though you can go to the Home Page of this Product here to see what if anything is on offer.


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