How to use skype in office

By asad_cooll ·
I wanted to use the Skype in office computer.
Our system administrator has blocked this software, i can run the programe but it doesn't sign in, after entering the user name and password , its keep on showing SIGNING IN and no response thereafter..
please help me

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by vashz In reply to How to use skype in offic ...

is your user account has admin rights? or do you know whats the administratos password on your PC? I encounter that problem before and I just run the program using runas administrator.,If it wont work then update,it seems that your system administrator block the skype port..

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Probably blocked on the network

by seanferd In reply to How to use skype in offic ...

I don't think anyone here will really help you manipulate a computer network you have no authorization for.

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by risques In reply to How to use skype in offic ...

The only way you will get to use it, is ask.

example, Several of my business contacts are on skype, it will save money as I will not be using the company phone for all my calls.

The only other way is to come up with a proposal that the company introduce VOIP and have skype as a preferred solution. They do have a business skype, investigate.

I think the biggest problem with skype is the additional features which may cause issues, such as file sharing and full screen video which may impact on the network.

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by Bizzo In reply to How to use skype in offic ...

Do you need to use skype to be able to do your job?

If the answer is yes, tell your manager.
If the answer is no, get back to work.

Do you prefer using Skype all day, or having a job?

If the answer is job, then get back to work.
If the answer is Skype, then quit your job and use Skype all day.

It really is that simple!

No admin here worth their salt is going to tell you how to get around a blocked network.

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