How to use the bluetooth modem to make phone calls from outlook

By Walid AlMoselhy ·
Here's my experience
I have a HTC touch diamond mobile and windows mobile 6.5 installed on it.
when I try to dial any contact from outlook via the bluetooth modem of my mobile, it calls, I mean the phone rings, and outlook shows "lift reciever and then press talk" message, but when I do this (while the other phone is ringing or have answered) it hangs up.

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RE: "but when I do this."

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How to use the bluetooth ...

When you do WHAT?

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when I press talk

by Walid AlMoselhy In reply to RE: "but when I do this."

when i press talk, it says connected, but I dunno where to talk.. the mobile acts like nth is going on, and the PC says nth too

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It hangs up, or stays connected? Which?

by seanferd In reply to when I press talk

You don't know where to talk? I think that speaking into the phone would be the best idea. Maybe you don't need to press anything. If you can hear the other party already, don't press anything.

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I can't here anything anywhere..more details

by Walid AlMoselhy In reply to It hangs up, or stays con ...

here is what happens exactly
in outlook
1-I choose a contact and select call contact...
2-the dialogue appears with the contact's phone number so I click on "start call"
3-the call status dialogue appears saying press talk when I lift the reciever

mean while and before I press talk, the number I dialed (my home number) is ringing, and if I pick up my home phone I hear nothing, and on the mobile phone I see/hear nothing too

so I press "Talk".. when I press "Talk" the call is ended and I hear the busy noice in my home phone

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