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    How to use Vlookup in Excel?


    by rhemraj ·

    I needed help using the vlookup function in excel. I have two sheets of data. One sheet w/ about 50,000 entries and the other with 20,000. The data on the sheet w/ 10,000 entries matches half the data on the other sheet. I need to somehow make a new list with just the matching data. Does anyone know how i can go about doing this? I was told that using a Vlookup would be my best option, but I’m not to certain how I’d go about doing that. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thank you!

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      by rhemraj ·

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      Vlookup Assistance

      by mike.dohar ·

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      You must trigger the lookup on “like” fields. ie. One of the fields needs to match. Here is how you perform a vlookup.

      Vlookup(cell that you are looking up, range of the list to look at, column in the list that you want to return if found, TRUE if the list is sorted in ascending order and FALSE if not)

      Here is how you can do this.
      1. Put the “like” columns both in column A.
      2. Sort both lists by that column.
      3. On the list with more records, add a column B and call it whatever.
      4. In the B column you just created, use the vlookup formula like this: =Vlookup(B2, Range of the other smaller list, 1, FALSE)

      If found, it will give the first column value as a result. If not found, it will give you #N/A. Remember if you copy this formula down to the other cells you need to lock in the range of the list using $ around the cell addresses.


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      by davide1982 ·

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      For simpler illustration of how Vlookup works I’d also recommend the following video tutorial:

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