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    How to use xargs with find

    by meetups.frosted-0h ·


    I have a large number of files on disk and trying to xargs with find to get faster output. find . -printf ‘%m %p\n’|sort -nr

    If I write find . -printf ‘%m %p\n’|xargs -0 -P 0 sort -nr, it gives error argument line is too long. Removing -0 option gives other error.

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      Re: xargs and find

      by kees_b ·

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      I see many explanations if I ask Google to tell me what it knows about LINUX XARGS FIND .

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      Reply To: How to use xargs with find

      by tourism-must0f ·

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      xargs is great, but I find parallel much easier to use, not to mention its output handling is better. There are also xapply and xclate from the BSD world, which also have significant advantages over xargs, but overall I find myself using parallel whenever I need to run lots of jobs at once.

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