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    How to view assigned resources with task


    by yayh ·

    View assigned resources with task

    Hey all,

    I have a problem in shown the assign resource in the PWA or in Outlook
    plug-in for MS Project server.

    E.g. if I assign a resource type material or work (but as equipment ) how I
    can keep track the use of this resource or how the worker (the Human) come to
    known this resource is assign with him in the same task.

    Another question if I consider some resource as material it is ok, but if I
    created the resource as work (but as equipment) MS Project server will create
    a login account in PWA authentication type is project server. Is this
    considering a used license?! And who will update task which assign to this
    resource which actual an equipment?!

    i am using project server 2003 + SBS 2003 server + MS Project Pro 2003 ( 1 CAL ) + 3 CAL for PWA

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