How To: Windows Logon Script to Copy File(s) from a Server

By b.barkman ·
Please advise...need to write a script that will copy/replace a file from our network to a client computer.

Would like to apply it without having to go to each computer (90+) if possible.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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batch script is the way to go

by ashij In reply to How To: Windows Logon Scr ...

Hi! BarkMan,

you can setup a logon script on the AD (if you use one).

Write a batch script to copy files and add the path of this batch script to the user's profile properties. You will be able to do this sitting from any computer that you can see the AD user list from. The basic script for copying file would look something like this:

you can use more advanced options or depending on your need, change the command you use. the file should be named ending with extension ".bat" and should be one word.

To find out how to add the login script to the profiles, go here:

If you have more questions I'd be glad to answer!


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Using logon script to install a program

by b.barkman In reply to batch script is the way t ...

Thanks. That was very helpful.

Now, how about using this method to install a service pack or upgrade a program when a user logs on?

Is there an "install" command that I would use in place of the copy command in the batch file?

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windows update and silent program installation

by ashij In reply to Using logon script to ins ...

If you are talking about installing service pack for windows, then you can use the group policy editor to configure that. But if you are talking about running a program installation using batch script, you have to use "start" and the type the path to the program. I would suggest a silent install (most of the popular installation packages support that).
start program.exe /switch1 /switch2


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